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7 Tips for Buying Rental Property in 2022

Updated: May 4, 2022

7 Tips for Buying Rental Property in 2022

The demand for rental housing has been on the rise, this means that rent prices are on the rise. Consider buying a rental property a worthwhile Investment outside of your bonds and stock investment.

You can be certain to make good profits, earn returns on your capital investment, and many more. Purchasing a rental property can be exciting especially if you are acquainted with the nitty-gritty of buying one.

Here are some basic tips to know if you are seeking to buy a rental property in 2022. Read below!

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#1. Get Proper Financing

You can not buy a property without having a legal tender. No realtor will consider selling a house to you because you need it, you can only buy a house because you have paid for it.

The funds available to you will go a long way in determining the kind of house you will eventually purchase. You should have some savings, no matter how small, stashed away for this purpose.

You can also obtain a loan to help you speed up the purchase process. It is important that you properly discuss the repayment plan before getting the loan. You should choose a flexible plan that will allow you to spread out the payment.

Get in touch with a good lender and go over all available loan options. Each property will cashflow differently and have different expenses so going over the numbers on each property is a vital step in this process.

#2. Get a Good Realtor

Get a team of experts that will help walk you through the purchase. Ensure they are accountable. You could go a step further to check their history in business and see how they have been operating previously. Consider the reviews of previous customers and the years of experience.

#3. Choose a Good Neighborhood

Ensure you secure a property in an area that is conducive and welcoming. This will determine the kind of tenant you will get in the future and the amount of rent you intend to place on the property.

Consider the amenities around the area such as schools, malls, restaurants, etc. Also, find out the value of the area and how it may appreciate over time.

#4. Go House Hunting

Make a list of all the features you will like to have. Be sure to include every detail no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

In your search, check off each box till you get the one that ticks all the right boxes, or at least most of them. Consider your budget as well before making a final decision.

#5. Place an Offer

Once you've got a home you like, do not hesitate to make an offer. Reach out to its owner and state your intentions of buying it.

This should be done as soon as possible to speed up the purchase process. It will also help keep you ahead of your competitors.

#6. Carry Out a Proper Inspection

After purchase, employ the services of a licensed home inspector to run a proper check on the property. They will inspect all parts of the house including all fixtures and fittings.

They help to ensure that the house is in prime condition and fit to be rented out. Any other repairs or adjustments can be carried out here.

#7. Rent Out Your Property

Your aim of getting the property will finally be fulfilled. Make a proper appraisal of the home and all of its best features. Put it up for rent at a reasonable price and wait for your clients to reach out to you.


Buying a rental property doesn't have to be a hassle anymore with the tip above. It may be quite rigorous when starting but you can be certain that it's going to be worth every step when you start to earn money from your rental property, especially if you have a real estate team to help you in this process.

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