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Creative Solutions

At Real Estate Relocation Team, we understand that change is not always easy. We have found a gap in the real estate industry and we're determined to fill it. From nearly a decade in the real estate profession, we found that buyers who are relocating are often left to fend for themselves in a new city. They call random phone numbers online or simply default to the listing agent on a home they found on the internet. We feel every home buyer should have a local agent looking out for their best interest and guiding them in the right direction in an unfamiliar place. Having an agent negotiate for YOU is extremely valuable and free of charge for all buyers.

If you are also selling a home, it is equally as important for home sellers to have a local listing agent that is willing to work with and communicate with all parties involved during this big transition. We will put together a team and facilitate the communication on your transactions. There is no additional fee for using our facilitation services. Sellers will pay their local Realtor the standard market listing rate for their area.

We've helped home buyers and sellers all over the country get in touch with a real estate professionals that have had their best interest in mind and were their eyes and ears from afar. Having a team that communicates with everyone involved in your relocation leads smooth move! Contact us to get your agent referral today.

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